Past Draw
Drawn 18/05/2023
WIN a life of Adventure with $800K - Total Prize Pool $933,500!

$800,000 Major Draw + $133,500 in additional prizes!

No. 206
Drawn: 18 May 2023

WIN a life of Adventure with $800K!

Your life could be changed by any one of our four prize options. This Lottery we’re offering you the chance to craft your perfect lifestyle – drive off into the sunset in your dream car with a massive cashable gold prize; explore spots off the beaten track with your very own Jayco caravan or motorhome package; wake up every day in the hinterlands in your handpicked new Metricon home; or craft your own getaway lifestyle and explore the wonders of the world. All while supporting the Australian Deaf community.

In times of emergency, disaster, and crisis, we are committed to ensuring the Deaf community has the same access to information and support as their fellow Australians – including access to support services in Australian Sign Language – Auslan. The funds raised from your support of the Deaf Lottery go directly into Deaf Connect’s ongoing advocacy for the community – and pivoting to ensure the most current needs of the community are met.

For the Deaf community, professional support that many Australians use on a daily basis can be hard to access. Deaf Connect is committed to working to find ways to make essential services, including mental health support, more accessible.

Since 2019 this has included ensuring the community has the support it needs during the hearings and outcomes of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. This has included both submissions to the Royal Commission, Deaf Connect CEO Brett Casey appearing at the Royal Commission to share evidence directly about the experience of Deaf Australians and how vital access to language is, and workshops with community members to ensure they are empowered to share their experiences and supported throughout.

Additionally, alongside other leading community stakeholders, Deaf Connect has been working with the StandBy organisation to support community members during some of their most trying times. Through these partnerships we aim to ensure that the community have someone they can talk to, without barriers, 24/7.

In 2022 Deaf Connect launched a support program for Deaf Seniors, providing free access to an interpreter for a whole range of events, activities or appointments – both social and essential. This has been complemented by a national roadshow to inform and educate Deaf Seniors on this offering and how to access these free services. This program is being expanded in 2023 to include live captioning, a vital inclusion for those who became Deaf later in life and are not as fluent in Auslan.

Your support via the Deaf Lottery is support for Deaf Connect – all monies raised go directly towards our ACNC registered charity. The delivery of our services and programs relies on fundraising via our owned Lottery.

Through your support, you are directly enabling Deaf Connect to improve the lives of Deaf Australians and offer support when needed most. Thank you for standing with the Deaf community.

Change your life, and the lives of Deaf Australians with small change.

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Move into your dream home or invest in a rental property.

Make the ultimate fresh start… move into a dream home to call your own or get your share of the red-hot rental market with a boutique build from the award-winning team at Metricon. Explore the floorplan for the Marion home below and get inspiration for your next build. Don’t want to spend it all? Take the rest in Gold and Cash!

Build your Dream Home
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Floor Plan

Move into your dream home, renovate or invest in a rental property.

Picture yourself in the drivers seat of your dream car – wind in your hair and your favourite song on the radio. As the lucky winner of the Drive Away Lifestyle prize you get to handpick your brand new car straight from the dealership, with all the extra features you’d ever want. But that’s not all – you'll have the ultimate financial freedom to pay off your mortgage or invest with a massive gold bullion and cash windfall.

Drive away in your dream car
Up to $750,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Plan your next adventure with your choice of the expansive Jayco range. Whether it’s a lap around Australia or a lifetime of long weekends wherever the road takes you, nothing will beat getting away from it all in your choice of caravan, motorhome or camper + 4WD with a travel fund of up to $700,000 in Gold! Escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday and embrace a life of adventure.

Hit the road in a new caravan, motorhome or camper + 4WD
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Build your new life right now with $700,000 in your pocket to invest, spend or enjoy exactly how you want. Best of all, you'll still have $100,000 to spend on something you've always wanted. Choose from any combination of motor vehicles, marine craft or travel vouchers – the choice truly is yours!

Your choice of any combination of motor vehicles, marine craft or travel vouchers
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Each Deaf Lottery campaign also offers additional prizes, including a share of $10,000 in our Early Bird Bonus Draw, as well as exclusive cash prizes every lottery for members of the Deaf Lottery VIP Club (consisting of Deaf Lottery supporters who order five or more tickets in each campaign through credit card/direct debit or pay in advance for three or more consecutive campaigns through cheque or money order).

$10,000 Early Bird Bonus Draw - closes on Sunday 16 April.

8 x Weekly VIP Draws to win $1,000 eGift Cards (Five winners drawn each week).

3 x VIP Bonus Draws (1st = $20,000 Gold Bullion, 2nd = $10,000 Cash, 3rd = $5,000 Cash).

Get access to over $500,000 of exclusive prizes each year.

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Automatic Entry into 7 lotteries every year - Never miss the $800k main draw!

Win up to $20,000 in gold bullion with additional main draw prizes!

$245,000 in exclusive VIP Draws!

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No extra cost.

Continue support of programs empowering Deaf Australians.

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