Past Draw
Drawn 31/08/2023
Win an $800K Winter Wonderland - Total Prize Pool $933,500!

$800,000 Major Draw + $133,500 in additional prizes!

No. 208
Drawn: 31 August 2023

Win an $800K Winter Wonderland

Win your way to an $800K Avalanche with Deaf Lottery 208!

Is your bank account feeling a bit frosty? How does $800K sound to warm things up?

The Deaf Lottery gives you the choice of four prize options, and any of these could make your winter wonderful. Dust off your suitcases and take the trip of a lifetime to a decadent winter chalet on the slopes overlooking picturesque Mt Fuji. Road trip your way around the best snow fields in Australia and camp under the sprawling winter sky with a toasty campfire. Fall in love with your brand-new home as you build your winter sanctuary or install those heated tiles throughout your house for comfort in the cold.

Through your support of the Deaf Lottery, the fundraising arm of Deaf Connect, we can deliver a range of opportunities and support to the Deaf community.

This month, Deaf Connect has contributed to the Deaf community by funding 40 individuals to take part in the World Deaf Federation (WDF) Congress in South Korea. The WDF Congress happens every four years in different locations around the globe. It is an opportunity for the international Deaf community and Deaf leaders to come together and work towards global common goals, including human rights for Deaf individuals and a future focus on preserving and empowering Deaf culture globally.

Your support of the Deaf Lottery has allowed this Australian cohort to set the agenda for Deaf human rights on a global stage.

Every ticket purchased improves the lives of Deaf Australians through education, knowledge sharing, and – thanks to opportunities such as the World Deaf Federation Congress – creating a united community with a shared vision, mission and goals.

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Move into your dream home or invest in a rental property.

Make the ultimate fresh start… move into a dream home to call your own or get your share of the red-hot rental market with a boutique build from the award-winning team at Metricon. Explore the floor plan for the Santorini home below and get inspiration for your next build. Don’t want to spend it all? Take the rest in Gold and Cash!

Build your Dream Home
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Floor Plan

Move into your dream home, renovate or invest in a rental property.

Picture yourself in the drivers seat of your dream car – wind in your hair and your favourite song on the radio. As the lucky winner of the Drive Away Lifestyle prize you get to handpick your brand new car straight from the dealership, with all the extra features you’d ever want. But that’s not all – you'll have the ultimate financial freedom to pay off your mortgage or invest with a massive gold bullion and cash windfall.

Drive away in your dream car
Up to $750,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Plan your next adventure with your choice of the expansive Jayco range. Whether it’s a lap around Australia or a lifetime of long weekends wherever the road takes you, nothing will beat getting away from it all in your choice of caravan, motorhome or camper + 4WD with a travel fund of up to $700,000 in Gold! Escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday and embrace your new stress-free life!

Hit the road in a new caravan, motorhome or camper + 4WD
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Build your new life right now with $700,000 in your pocket to invest, spend or enjoy exactly how you want. Best of all, you'll still have $100,000 to spend on something you've always wanted. Choose from any combination of motor vehicles, marine craft or travel vouchers – the choice truly is yours!

Your choice of any combination of motor vehicles, marine craft or travel vouchers
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash

Each Deaf Lottery campaign also offers additional prizes, including a share of $10,000 in our Early Bird Bonus Draw, as well as exclusive cash prizes every lottery for members of the Deaf Lottery VIP Club (consisting of Deaf Lottery supporters who order five or more tickets in each campaign through credit card/direct debit or pay in advance for three or more consecutive campaigns through cheque or money order).

$10,000 Early Bird Bonus Draw - closes on Sunday 30 July.

8 x Weekly VIP Draws to win $1,000 eGift Cards (Five winners drawn each week).

3 x VIP Bonus Draws (1st = $20,000 Gold Bullion, 2nd = $10,000 Cash, 3rd = $5,000 Cash). That means, if you’re a VIP and win the Lottery Grand Prize, you add an extra $20,000 to your $800,000 payday.

Get access to over $500,000 of exclusive prizes each year.

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Automatic Entry into 7 lotteries every year - Never miss the $800k main draw!

Win up to $20,000 in gold bullion with additional main draw prizes!

$245,000 in exclusive VIP Draws!

No lock-in subscription. Cancel or change your membership any time.

No extra cost.

Continue support of programs empowering Deaf Australians.

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