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Winners’ Stories
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A Queensland man received the call of a lifetime on the morning of Thursday 19th May. What started out as a regular working from home day took a very different turn.  Speaking with us, the Queensland resident shared his secret to winning his fortune. “You’ve got to be in it to win it. I can’t Lottery 199 Winner: Still sinking in – the call of a lifetime

Where Your Support Goes

Making an Impact

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Launched in 2021 the Deaf Connect Impact Team is a new focus for the organisation, delivering research, government advocacy and community empowerment alongside all Deaf Australians.

Behind the Scenes
- Rosie Pert

  Recently Deaf Services and the Deaf Society’s aged care program Ageing Well celebrated its official launch in South Australia with a morning tea at Adelaide’s Goodwood Community Centre.  The launch was attended in-person by 60 people, along with Ageing Well Senior Support Planner Caroline Conlon and Auslan Programs Coordinator at TafeSA Katrina Parker.   Along with delicious refreshments (including two incredible cakes from Torrensville Cheesecake Shop) and an opportunity to catch up as Ageing Well Launches in South Australia